The different types of roofs

roofing products

Rubber roofing might not be for everyone

Some people might not be able to get one of our rubber roofs for specific reasons.

  • They may want something that can reflect their budget.
  • Their property might not fit the installation criteria.
  • They may want something easier to install.

That’s not a problem!

We work alongside many providers of alternative roofing products.

We’d rather homeowners get what they want based on their circumstances.

There’s no point in getting a rubber roof if it will not benefit your property.

Zinc roofing

There has been a rise in demand for zinc roofs within the past decade.

Homeowners choose to purchase a zinc roof because of the material. Instead of being restricted in terms of colours, shapes and finishes – zinc roofs can be designed so they can form any shape, colour and design finish.

More people have also been choosing zinc roofs because they provide durability,  are eco-friendly and require low maintenance.

Zinc roofs can provide everything that a homeowner wants so their roof feels different to their neighbours.

We are partnered with Zinc Roofs, they are a leading UK company that has years of experience providing zinc roofs with a variety of design options. Get in touch with them for any zinc roofing enquiries you may have.

thatched roof

Thatched roofing

Thatch roofing is popular for homeowners that want a cosy, old-time look to their home.

Many cottages continue to use thatched roofs as they believe it suits their home and presents a fairy-tale appearance.

Despite the material being made out of dry vegetation materials (straw, sedge, water reed and palm branches), the roofing material is beneficial in preventing water from shedding away at the inner roof.

Thatch roofs are popular because of its: light materialeasy availability and sustainability.

One of the best thatch roofing installers in the UK is Africa Roofing. They provide a variety of thatch roof installation options for commercial and residential properties that all of their customers enjoy.

Slate roofing

Slate roofs are one of the most popular roofing products.

Their roofs have been around for long periods which shows that the changes in roofing products will not diminish the need for slate roofing.

People choose a zinc roof because it can last from 75 years to 200 years.

Many properties come with a slate roof because the classic material can go well with any type of property.

The slate roof tiles can also be customised so the tiles have a pattern, a random width and multicoloured tiles.

Although we do not have any partners that provide slate roofing tiles to properties in the UK, one of the leading UK service providers for slate roof tiles is UK Slate.

If you require any information about our rubber roofing services, please feel free to click here for more information.