Rubber for Flat Roofs

How Can You Use Rubber as a Sustainable Material

What is EPDM Roofing?

EPDM, which stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer, is a membrane used in roofing which is also called rubber roofing.

EPDM holds a number of benefits as a roofing system.

Here are the top 5 reasons why rubber roofing is the way forward for sustainable homes.

The Installation Process

Rubber or EPDM roofs come in a single sheet of material, which is designed to fit the surface of the roof seamlessly, meaning it is easy for the installer to simply apply.

Unlike other flat roofing solutions, EPMD does not need a flame to bond the material to the roof making it again quicker and easier to install as well as remove once needing to be replaced.

This also means that the process is made safer as there is no danger from fire or fumes created by this process.

It Is Durable

EPDM is a highly durable product, the thicker the better. Resistance to leaks punctures and wear and tear by the weather makes EPDM the roofing material of choice as it means money and time is saved on repairs and reinstallation.


EPDM is an aesthetically pleasing material, especially for more modern or commercial buildings.

Not only this but having flat EPDM roofing offers the opportunity to get more out of your roof as rubber is the material of choice when it comes to adding extra features to a building such as rooflights, solar panels and even eco/green roofs.

EPDM can also be used as the base of your buildings a waterproofing solution. To find out more about tiling over EPDM visit this site.

It also avoids excess moisture due to its smooth surface and draining features, meaning there is no room for moss and algae to grow.

Environmental Factors

There are a number of ways that rubber roofing can help your home become more environmentally friendly.

The main one being that rubber is a completely recyclable material, so once your roof has served you an extensive lifetime, you can recycle it.

Rubber is also a waterproof material that can be used as the base of a live roof – a roof with plants growing on it, in order to create a mini-ecosystem and replace the ecology that was once where your building is.

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